Play Land Child Care promotes an environment that fosters critical thinking, problem solving skills, and social development through structured activities, enhanced exposure, and active engaged learning.

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Finding the right child care for your family can be overwhelming. Our Agencies are here to help.

The early years of a child’s life offer a window of opportunity for growth and development. We can help you put together a child care plan for your child. There are many choices and different child care settings to consider.

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To find child care in your area or get additional information, contact the agency in your zip code. The Resource and Referral agencies in our Network have free, personalized referrals to licensed child care providers. You can call the agency directly and/or you can access the online child care search. In addition, you can ask if you qualify for subsidized child care, offered to low-income and CalWORKs families.

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Our program includes 1 Preschool Room, serving children between 3 and 6 years-old. We are aware of a preschooler’s abilities and understanding and of the knowledge and skills he/she needs for later academic success; therefore, our Preschool Program is designed to promote each child’s learning and development to prepare him/her for school and academic performance.

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Our program includes 1 Toddler Room, serving toddlers between 15-months-old and 24-months-old. Mindful of a toddler’s needs and interests, our Toddler Program is designed to provide each toddler with appropriate care and learning opportunities.

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Choosing a program for the care and education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent, and one that can have a profound impact on your child’s future! Playland Child Care & Education Center is much more than an early learning center. We are a community of families and educators who come together to share our love of language, culture, learning, and play with our children so that they get a strong start and prepare for success in kindergarten and beyond! Give us a call to schedule your tour.


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Our Child Care Philosophy

Our day-to-day childcare philosophy is simple: give a child love and laughter, and they will grow faster and more driven to healthy and happy choices. There are many studies that show development in the first 5 years of any child's life shapes how they will become for their future. If that be the case, why not choose a daycare option that forms your child's future to be surrounded by love, knowledge, and happiness?

Flora Kiumehr is a licensed Caregiver with CPR and 1st Aid Certification. She cares for all ages from infant to toddler and has a proven track record of success among her own children; driven, talented and successful individuals within their own daily life. When asked what her strategy is to compete against modern day cares, she quickly responds, "They're just not me."

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Meet our Qualified Staff

Flora Kiumehr

Flora has been a teacher for over 20 years. She decided to open her own daycare in 2008. Parents call her the “baby whisperer”. Flora has a wonderful ability in reading children and knowing exactly what they need. She helps parents ease their anxiety when their children are transitioning from a home environment to a daycare. Flora tries to make her daycare into more of a family environment so the children and parents feel it’s a home away from home. Flora is a mother of two and a young grandmother to her 3 grandchildren.


Pari is Flora’s assistant. She assists Flora in the morning and afternoon routine. She is kind and caring. Pari has over 20 years of working with children. She has children and grandchildren of her own. She loves her work and takes pride in what she does.


Sima is another of Flora’s assistants. She has over 10 years of experience in working with children. Sima is full of energy and always laughs. She is very playful with the kids and very organized. She is also a mother and a young grandmother.

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Musical Chairs Studio

At PLCC, friends get together to sing and share the enjoyment of music. Finger plays, favorite and new songs, and tunes from other cultures will be introduced by our music instructor during the music sessions.

These musical experiences expose each child to various forms of music with wide ranges of rhythms, tempos, and moods, and represent opportunities for learning to identify basic musical concepts, such as loud and soft, fast and slow, and high and low. These musical experiences are also great opportunities for each child to develop a natural appreciation of music and to express emotions and ideas. Mia never misses a class!


The Spanish Hour

Es hora espanoles! Hurra!!! Mia and our Spanish teacher cannot wait to start!

Learning a new language is an enriching experience and a wonderful adventure for a child. The joy with which a child discovers and masters his/her first language makes childhood the ideal time for exploring a second language. Benefits of bilingualism in cognitive and language development continue to be reinforced by current research studies.

At PLCC, we understand the importance of learning a second language and strive to offer each child the opportunity to benefit from it. During our Spanish hour, as new words are learned and new perspectives are gained, each child expands his/her knowledge and opportunities.


Creative Movement

At PLCC, we design a movement program which incorporates the benefits of physical activity with the child’s imagination and creativity. Movement activities, such as gymnastics, yoga, and dancing, are combined to address each child’s growth and development in multiple domains. Sensory awareness, flexibility, strength, coordination, concentration, and spatial orientation are intertwined with imagination, self-esteem, competence, and social skills.

Our creative movement instructor, while designing and coordinating the movement activities, encourages and supports each child to contribute with his/her own movement ideas and creativity.


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